Hey there, It's still me Chali !
สวัสดีค่ะ ♡

I was born and raised Thailand, until I decided to explore the other part of the world, Canada.

I supposed to be here only for a year but I fell in love with the country, so I decided to stay here in Vancouver !

I always been one of the 'art kid' at school. My passion for design stemmed from a lifelong fascination for musics, films, and arts.

I am currently a Master's student at Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver.

Previously, I’ve had experiences work as a various kind of positions such as marketing officer, production manager at house film production, Lead designer at marketing agency, and UX designer at a start up tech company. 

I love to explore new experience and open for every opportunity that came in. Currently I am also become more interested in the game industry world!

Aside from these, I’m also an animal lover, Skater, foodie, travel enthusiast, youtube addicted, music appreciator and overall a blob of curiosity always ready to make new friends!

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