Axel: The Fallen of Angellia - Game Trailer

Title: Axel: Fall of Angellia
Tagline: Master the Elements
Logline: action platformer game with RPG undertones is about a priest-turned-demon-hunter’s journey into the abyss to confront and overcome the elemental monsters and principalities that have taken over Angellia.
Project by Team Mercury, Master Students from Centre for Digital Media:
Chalita Termpaiboon (Me) - Character Designs and Animations, Game Designer
Priyanka Dhapare - UI Artist and Character Designs
Bin Tong - Game Designer, Design documentation and Video editor
Robert Fiker- Game Developer
Mzwakithi Shongwe - Project Manager and Story Writer

Duration: 3 months 
Tools: Figma, Adobe Suite, Miro, Dragon Bones, Unreal Engine 4
Date: 2021

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