Future Arts Centre Game Trailer

In collaboration with The Embassy of France in Canada, Art of Festivals, and Alliance française de Vancouver, Team Nuage is developing a serious game that reflects the experience of what an arts centre can be and should be.

This future-facing choice-based digital simulation game will provide different scenarios and management cycles of a fictional multidisciplinary arts venue to stimulate critical thinking, identify future trends and provide a discussion basis for change management - The future of this cultural hub is in your hand ! 

Future Arts Centre can be play here
Project by Team Nuage, Master Students from Centre for Digital Media:
Chalita Termpaiboon (Me) - UXUI Artist and Project Manager
Asher Gao - Game Designer and UX Designer 
Jisoo Shin - Project Manager and Visual Designer
Kennedy Kan - 3D Artist
Mars Balisacan - Director and Game Programmer
Sofie Nielsen - Game Programmer

Duration: 3 months 
Tools: Figma, Adobe Suite, Miro, Unity
Date: 2022

For the final presentation, we went a little extra. Our team also decided to create a video to explain about our journey and challenges of the project in comic style 😄 I had so much fun working with Jisoo and Asher on this video ! 

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