Speak Up Podcast

A group project where three teams were assigned with the same client, Shine Bootcamp, a company that helps women gain confidence in their public speaking skills based in Vancouver.

They wanted to create a sub-brand podcast under the name 
Speak Up. 
Client required a new branding, interaction design which are prototype of Website, Social media assets and  motion piece that introduce the podcast.

In this project I was in charged of interaction design, and branding with one of my teammate, Aarti. 
Out of the three teams that presented to the client, our team's (CRAW Team) Website Prototype and Motion Piece were chosen by the client.
Project by CRAW Team:
Aarti Bhalekar- Art Director and Motion Designer
Roxana De La Rosa - Motion Designer
Weihao Han - Client Point Person and Project Manager
Chali (Me)- Interactive Designer 

Scope: Branding, Motion Graphic, Interaction Design, Web Design
Duration: 3 months 
Tools: Illustrator, After Effects, Adobe Audition, Adobe Indesign, Figma
Date: 2020
Best Communication Project Award (2020) from Vancouver Film School 
Best Team Project Award (2020) from Vancouver Film School 
Big Idea Concept: Abstract, Minimal, Bold
For the logos, our initial idea is to make it recognizable with Shine Bootcamp branding. So we decided to use the same color palette as the original brand. 
Website Design
At the beginning we were decided to make 3 pages website. However, we got feedback from client that they only want one page design so we trying to narrow the information that we want to put in down and came up with one long page design. 
Wireframe experimenting
Wireframe experimenting
Final Wireframe
Final Wireframe
Click on photo to see the prototype

Desktop Website prototype
(Click on the link to see full prototype)

Mobile Website prototype
(Click on the link to see full prototype)

Social Media Asset: Instagram Posts
Motion Piece

Awesome work by my teammates, Aarti and Roxana.
Thanks Aarti for the video link ! 

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