Mural Art for Vancouver
The objective is to create Mural art for Vancouver City and presented for a Vancouver cultural meetup. In the meetup, the audiences will be:
•People living in Vancouver who are interested in local culture
•Tourists who would like to explore and learn local culture
•The audiences wouldn’t be 100% professional artists
Scope: Illustration,
Duration: 2 weeks
Tools: Illustrator
Date: 2020
The Great Vancity from my perspective as an international student:
"Fun, Friendly, Welcoming, Dynamics"
Isometric Design
Mood board
•The city - Buildings and school
•What is unique about Vancouver
•Sightseeing places 
•Activities in Vancouver
Why is it a good concept ?
I want to share my experience of Vancouver throughout this piece. It will be personal and maybe people can learn what Vancouver is like through international student's point of view.
Final Design
Because I love this work so much, I printed out the design on postcard and send them to my friends and family all around the world :) 

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